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Lexar Modern Cabinet Standards

Full Overlay European Style Construction

Fully Assembled Cabinets

Fully Custom Sizes - 1/4" Increments

Confirmat and Dowel Construction

High-End Laminate Doors

Melamine Drawers

Blum Soft Close Drawer Sliders

Blum Concealed Hinges

Sourced in Italy, Spain, and USA

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Step 1: Design Kitchen Layout

1 door 1 drawer modern cabinet

Step 2: Order Kitchen Cabinets

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Step 3: Pickup or Delivery

Frameless and Full Overlay Cabinets

Our cabinets are made in the frameless style.  The cabinet carcass parts are edgebanded while the doors and drawer fronts fully overlay the cabinet box edges.  Gaps between doors and drawer fronts are maintained at 1/8" for a sleek, modern appearance.

Confirmat and Dowel Construction

Lexar Modern uses confirmat screws for assembly. Confirmats are extremely strong while allowing for a very economical construction technique.  For cabinets with finished ends, we use dowel construction, which is equally as strong as confirmats.  Dowel construction for finished ends saves you money by eliminating the need to purchase an extra finished end panel.  Most of our competitors force you to purchase finished ends to cover and unfinished end of a cabinet.


Fully Assembled Cabinets

Our cabinets come fully assembled.  Save yourself the headache of ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets, and allow us to to build it for you.  With fully assembled cabinets, you never have to worry about missing or damaged parts, or damaging something during assembly.  Also, consider the considerable cost savings to you over RTA cabinets as you don't have to pay for all the cardboard to ship cabinets along with the freight costs.

Free Online Design

Schedule a free online cabinet design consultation with us.  All we require from you is a floor plan layout including overall dimensions of your space and locations of windows, doors, plumbing, and any other key structural items.  We can very quickly layout your cabinets in our 3D software.  You can then take that layout and order your cabinets online.

Custom Cabinets

Enjoy the flexibility to order cabinets at 1/4" increments of Width, Depth, and Height.  This ability to order fully custom sizes gives you design flexibility you just don't get at most big stores.  Custom sizes allow you to create a truly custom look.

High-End Doors

Lexar Cabinets uses premium select woods for our cabinet doors and drawer fronts.  Made here in the USA, built to last, and finished with a top quality conversion varnish.


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