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We are not affiliated or associated with Ikea in any way. All LexarModern doors and parts are 100% after-market and meant to accessorize Ikea cabinet systems.

We make doors that the new kitchen systems (Sektion), Besta (media), and Godmorgon (bathroom vanity).

No, their door styles are completely their own. We do not copy or match Ikea doors.

The majority of LexarModern doors consist of a substrate, or inner core, and an external material.

Supermatte series doors are made with a particle board core and a laminate finish.  Textured wood grain doors are a particle board core with a melamine finish.  DIY / Unfinished slab doors are made of MDF with a maple edgebanding, while the DIY / Unfinished Shaker doors are made of a hardwood maple frame and an MDF center panel.

We do not make solid doors; the exception being our DIY shaker 5” drawers which are made of solid, paint-grade maple. Despite what you may have heard or read, and what may have been the case 30 years ago, solid wood cabinet doors no longer exist. Exposure to heat, moisture and sunlight force wood to expand and contract - it will warp, crack and cup otherwise - which is the reason for using veneer on MDF. Really, MDF should stand for "Miraculous Dense Fiberboard" because it performs so well and at a reasonable price.

With the exception of our DIY / Unfinished shaker doors, all LexarModern doors have 1mm edgebanding to match the face.

The only glass doors we offer are Shaker-style, with the rails and stiles 2.5" (DIY) and 2" (Supermatte) wide. Because of the possibility of damage while shipping, and so you can get the exact type you want, those doors come without glass. It's also not uncommon for our Clients to mix some of their glass doors with ours. We do not offer "glass-ready" doors taller than 40". It is best to seek the assistance from a professional glass shop for proper cutting and installing of glass into our frames.

We don’t. If you want painted doors, our paint grade DIY Shaker and DIY Slab doors are perfect for you; we'll send everything unfinished and you can either paint the parts yourself or find someone local to get you the exact shade and tone you want. We do offer  a variety of color choices in our supermatte collection.

Use a damp cloth with non-abrasive soap to clean your cabinets, and dry immediately. Never leave any water standing on cabinet surfaces.

Our Doors with Their Kitchen System

Yes, we make all standard sizes that they offer.

Yes, all standard doors and drawer faces are pre-drilled to function with Ikea's internal hardware (hinge, drawer). Panels, flip-up doors and trim are not drilled, please refer to our installation manual for tips on installation. As with Ikea, because panel installation can vary from project to project, no fasteners are included.

Yes, we offer cover panels for most panel ready appliances. Like all custom pieces, it is 100% the customer’s responsibility to provide the dimensions needed. The manufacturer is the best reference to verify the necessary dimensions. Please note: we do not drill for any custom piece, be it an appliance cover panel or otherwise. We also do not provide sub-panels, additional hardware or anything else necessary to complete an installation; this is entirely the responsibility of the customer or installer (this is industry-standard, and easy-to-follow templates come with the instructions).

Unfortunately, no. Decorative hardware drilling is best done on-site.

We do! For more information, read the next answer below.

The biggest difference is our panels are 3/4" thick, and theirs can be as thin as 1/2" or 5/8."

Note: unless requested, our panels are over-sized to account for irregularities in walls, floors and ceilings. They are meant to sit slightly past or "proud" of the cabinet facing for the most built-in look. Base and tall panels are meant to go directly to the floor (as opposed to having the plinth/toe-kick return around the cabinet's side). It's not rocket science, but you'll likely need a table saw and chop-saw.

Design Questions

Absolutely, most clients do! Click here for Ikea's free and amazingly easy-to-use Kitchen Planner. We recommend you design with cabinet fronts, even though you will be using our fronts, as it helps you know what doors and parts you need. Once your design is complete, order your LexarModern doors online.

Yes, some people use SketchUp, AutoCAD 2020 or architectural drawings. As long as your elevation drawings include dimensions of the fronts, you can easily match your door needs and create your online cart.

It really depends on the cabinet in question. Consult a Sales Associate for details. We can make custom sizes, but the client is 100% responsible for the required dimensions and we do not drill these pieces.

Sorry, we only support the Ikea system.

We do not.

Once your layout is complete, go to our kitchen shop and begin building your cart with our door fronts.

We also offer a "Create Your Cart" option.  Free of charge we will take your plans and create your cart for you.

Ordering Doors

Typical lead time is 2 weeks.

Shipping costs vary with location.  When you price your doors in the shopping cart, enter your zip code to see what the shipping cost will be.

Either Credit Cards or Paypal.

Yes, we charge sales tax based on your location.


What makes LexarModern doors special, unique, and perfectly suited for your dream Ikea kitchen, bathroom, or media cabinet (and yeah, maybe even different from Ikea’s):

1) LexarModern doors are proudly made in the USA. Maybe that matters to you, maybe it doesn’t (to us it does). Sure, we could make them overseas; they’d definitely be a lot less expensive. That’s not a dig at Ikea, it’s economics, and they’re the biggest and best furniture retailer on the planet for a reason.

2) Being small and nimble, LexarModern has a lot more material options than Ikea does (not a swipe at Ikea; when you’re Apple- or Nike-big, it’s never a good idea to get overly cute with the selections).

3) LexarModern offers things like appliance panels in custom sizes that Ikea can’t and doesn’t (outside of a standard dishwasher panel). Think Bosch and Fisher Paykel and Sub-Zero.

4) We pride ourselves on world-class Customer Service  – we’re here, we’re accessible, we’re never far from Social Media.

Roughly, a typical kitchen remodel using the Ikea system will have fixed costs (cabinets, hardware, assembly, and installation) ranging from $3,000 - $6,000.

Using the example kitchen layout shown above, a LexarModern order - for the doors, drawer faces, panels and trim - will be in the following range:

DIY Slab - $2,450
DIY Shaker - $2,775

Textured Laminate and Supermatte - $4,175 - $4,475

Appliances, counter tops, and any other expenditures are not factored into these estimates.

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